Intensive Care Services

Comfort Care provides intensive support care packages for those service users that have challenging needs/behaviour in the community.

These support packages can range from

  • 2:1 support 24 hours a day
  • Independent accommodation with 1:1 staff 24 hours per day
  • A small 4 bed group home with staff onsite 24 hours per day.

The support packages are tailored to each individuals needs, supported by specialist trained staff to manage the SU’s needs and risks in the community.

SU's are monitored closely

We also work very closely with multidisciplinary teams to ensure any service users that are on CTO’s or have a forensic history are managed in the most appropriate way.

Comfort Care offers highly individualised and tailored care packages for service users who do not need the physical security of an inpatient facility but do require support caring for themselves in the community thus reducing the likelihood of relapse. The comprehensive care package includes psychological support and occupational therapy within a framework of bespoke risk management strategies directed by a NHS consultant psychiatrist (who may be the service users Responsible Clinician whilst in the community).

The service provides rehabilitation in the individual’s chosen home destination thus eliminating the stress of moving. Service users will be referred from a range of inpatient facilities, thus freeing beds in line with government targets. PCTs and Clinical Professionals trust Comfort Care to Provide Intensive Community Rehabilitation for patients being discharged from Psychiatric Hospitals into the community.

Comfort Care is the leading specialist provider of an individually tailored community based psychiatric rehabilitation service, which is provided in the client’s own home in the South East. A comprehensive community mental health recovery program within the service users own home providing bespoke risk management for complex needs, ensuring choice & empowerment.

Comfort Care has a bespoke "search and select" property team who have a National Contact Framework of Social Landlords, enabling us to secure tenancies for most service users. All too often patients return to these inpatient services time and time again due to the lack of post discharge support and guidance. In short, the lack of direction in patients’ lives leads them into the "revolving door" syndrome of admission, treatment, stabilization and discharge.

This "Pathway" should reflect each patient’s journey towards recovery and should encompass a range of milestone achievements along the way. Comfort Care Services are geared to provide a positive direction to patient recovery in their own homes.