Case Study - Out of Borough

Comfort Care Services is able to relocate expensive Out of Borough placements, bringing them back into the care of their own Local Authority, thus saving valuable time and money and enabling families to be closer to their loved ones.


A young man whose father convinced Social Services that he needed specialised care as he suffered from Asperger’s syndrome, was placed Out of Borough in a specialist unit costing the Local Authority £4,000 per week. The Unit had a 2:1 ratio of staff to clients and there were only four clients housed in this particular unit. A Local Authority in Berkshire opened up a new home and, as a result, it realised it needed to bring back Out of Borough placements, including this young man who, by now, had been located Out of Borough for four years. Comfort Care was able to bring the cost down to one fifth of its original and it transpired that the only skill the young man needed was behaviour management. He is now living independently.